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warmhearted websites

“For me, the process of embodying confidence was less about convincing myself of my own worth and more about rejecting and unlearning what society had hammered into me.”
~ Lindy West

Whether your business is a one-woman show, a big team with multiple locations, or something else, your website is the virtual hub of your work world. A new website* will articulate your products and services, as well as values, while building a professional and streamlined online presence that creates meaningful connections in the marketplace. 

We will walk you through a creative briefing process to develop bespoke brand assets, or help you integrate existing positioning language, logos, color palette, and other marketing assets into refreshed designs.

Your website is the virtual hub

of your work world.

creative briefing

architecture and navigation

compelling content 

key words and SEO

imagery selection

fonts and graphics

*We collaborate with Wix to create gorgeous, functional templated sites.

Magical Sails.jpg

key questions

What are our goals for the website?  


Who is our beloved audience? 


How do we want people to feel when they visit our site?


project objectives

real-world strategies

Logo Graphic Only - Full Color for Wix copy.png

visually communicate your brand and services to your beloved audience


make it easeful for your

beloved audience to

learn, book, and buy


create a welcoming online presence to help open your doors to the world

soulful soul

Logo Graphic Only - Full Color for Wix copy.png

mindfulness and movement practices to open and close briefings and meetings


embedded analysis of diversity, equity, inclusion, and access (DEI) 


business practices and messaging templates that reject using shame, pain, and urgency to sell

project takeaways

Logo Graphic Only - Full Color for Wix copy.png

concept, architecture,

and wireframes

5-7 essential pages 

compelling content

1 widget or plug-in

initial domain set-up

SEO basics

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