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Leading from our center

so that others can lead from theirs.

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erin feldman is fascinated by the human condition, and works through the lens of equity and inclusion to coach clients toward clarifying their unique vision and voice. Her heart-centered facilitation inspires mindful solutions and client-defined success. 

Unflinching integrity, creativity, and trust in the outcomes of collaboration result in expertly crafted content, and both live and evergreen programs that guide clients through the meaningful changes they seek. 

erin prepared to serve clients in these ways in her previous vocations as a high school Language Arts educator, yoga and mindfulness teacher, and backpacking guide.

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Krista Kellogg helps individuals, teams, and organizations create positive change. A lifelong learner and mindful collaborator, she empowers clients to leverage their strengths, surface new ideas, and organize resources to facilitate goals with intentionality and purpose. 
In addition to her consulting work, Krista coaches weekly wellness workshops, authors content on personal changemaking, and dedicates her time and expertise as an advocate for communities in need.  
A long-time corporate marketing and business development executive, Krista has guided numerous successful creative and operational campaigns, leading diverse teams for companies across Florida and nationally.

From Above
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