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Let's Bud Our New Leaves: Writing Practice Begins May 18

This past weekend, through relentless falling rain, ALL of the leaves sprouted. It usually takes a few days, but this year they flung themselves fully out into that joyous spring shower, and you could almost hear them cheering! Writing can be like that, too, but most dependably when our practice is regular. Come: show up to the well with us (it won't be as good without you)-- let's bud our new leaves.

Starting May 18, and going six Thursdays* till June 29, we'll be at it again! Bring your passion, your fear, your obsessions, your hope, a friend, and a cup of tea to spend an hour carving, as Michelangelo said, until we set free what's inside the marble**.

Writing Practice is a 6-week drop-in online, generative writing workshop. Through free-writing with suggested topics and structured prompts we will build up a bank of raw material. Some of us may prefer to write with no future agenda, others of us will use this time to craft poems, stories, and other personal writing. Each session will include the opportunity to read one’s work aloud.

Register Today:


*No class on May 25

** (Pssst: you are the marble)

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