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Feminist Entrepreneur Makes Personal Herstory

erin feldman, activist marketer and writing coach, says she used to avoid social media aside from the occasional doom scroll. Not only was this a limiting stance for a professional marketer, it was preventing her and her co-founder at Center Content, Krista Kellogg, from talking to their people with the biggest bull-horn around: the internet. All that changed this winter when erin enrolled in Kelly Diels’ Social Media for Culture Makers Program.

Planted equally in intersectional feminism and practical business calculations, the Social Media for Culture Makers Certificate Program “is all about creating an authentic social presence that aligns with your vision of justice and empowerment,” says founder and coach Kelly Diels.

Diels’ course methodically reviewed multiple predatory and systematically unjust marketing practices, and then taught models that center traditional business practice as well as economic justice and diversity. Most especially, the course taught that instead of performing a caricature of oneself, leading with our work and ideas communicates to clients what problems Center Content solves.

erin said, “We spent a considerable time during the almost 20-hours of class inventorying our personal and business objectives, as well as our professional expertises. The fruit of this inquiry is a fulsome picture of what my and Center Content’s service offerings are, and how those services can help alleviate the suffering of business building for our clients”.

Center Content, a woman-owned creative collective, is focused on centering people, purpose, and productivity. Center Content offers services in business development (coaching), brand strategy (consulting), and putting together the words your ideal clients need to hear (content). We believe that incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion into each and every project builds richness, ensures access, and creates abundance for all.

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