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Connections from Bach to Tupac

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Dear Comrades:

Without the sparks of humanity that fly between us as friends and colleagues, students and teachers, partners and rivals, and family both biologic and chosen, our days would not just lack meaning, they would be dull, pointless, and lonely. We simply thrive better together.

Our collective isolation of late has provided precious time and space for deep reflection on the ongoing ravages of systemic oppression, the strength of our bonds, our health and happiness, and the essentials of life and liberty. How are you handling the struggle?

Some of us are taking up golf or guitar, learning French or Farsi, building patios and she sheds, and even becoming homeschool teachers and tutors. Above all we are seeking ways to preserve sanity and remain connected to the people and pursuits that enrich our lives with meaning and mystery. Who do you reach for when you need comfort, courage, and candor?

Who can you talk to about anything from Bach to Tupac, pandemics to politics, and health scares to hard feelings? In the spirit of maintaining connection we encourage you to tell your dear ones how much they matter to you, how much you miss them, and dare them to join you in hope.

Happy Fall,

erin + Krista

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