Whether you are looking for a management consultant to support a new supervisor, a facilitated event for your whole staff, or a team to lead the long term development of a strategic plan, our focus on people, purpose, and productivity will lead the way. With one eye on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and the other on sustainable productivity and profitability, we provide individualized, unbiased support and guidance for professional services firms, small businesses, and individuals.


During critical periods of organizational or cultural change we know it is tricky to identify the ideal next steps. When staff, managers, and leaders schedule time outside their daily work demands to focus on the big picture, organizations can access the wisdom in the room. Then it becomes possible to smoothly move out of transactional or counterproductive operational structures.

We emphasize professional skill building, mindfulness, and considerate communication to explore how work might be more just, creative, and satisfying. Focused on the diversity of lived experience and identity, as well as diversity of worldview and methodology, our programs bring all the voices in your organization to the table. Adding a unique perspective and frame of reference to the creative process, professional learning, as well as work habits, our team is ready to meet you where you are. 


Who needs to be in the room and why? Historically, who has been barred from the room, and how can we support their participation? 


What is the goal for gathering your team together? Is that goal clear to the participants so they can all pull in the same direction? 


What are your institution’s values and how do those values sync up with the personal values held by employees? How do you accomplish more with less strain?

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“Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without, and know we cannot live within.”  James Baldwin

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